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The St. Helens Branch was formed in the immediate post-war period when men were returning from the Forces, perhaps to their old job or trying something new.

We have now taken another step forward and entered the age of electronic communication! Our Branch extends a warm welcome to all ex-colleagues no matter where they have served - we have ex-Borough, ex-Merseyside, ex-County and other members from much further afield.

The Committee have your interests at heart at all times and if you have an idea for a trip or an interesting venture please don’t hesitate to put it to a committee member – they are always receptive to new ideas.

Our Branch organises events throughout the year and runs a first class Christmas Social; our A.G.M. held every March is always followed by a hot meal, usually a delicious hotpot.

So why not come along and join us and re-connect with old colleagues? The site will be updated as and when necessary, so ---
Welcome to our site - use it, help us improve and so make progress into the future!

    Dennis Firth

St Helens & District Branch President