News & Future Events

Committee Meeting

The next Branch  Committee meeting will take place on 

Wednesday 28th March 2018, 

7.30pm at Bishop Road Club. 

Branch Annual General Meeting

Date for your diaries!

The Branch Annual General meeting will take place at The Police Club, Bishop Road, St Helens ,

 Wednesday 21st February at  7.30pm prompt.

The Guest Speaker will be

Merseyside Police Chief Constable 

Andy Cooke, QPM.

Please return the slip on Januarys newsletter to Sheila Shaw  by Sunday 11th February to ensure sufficient hotpot is ordered.

Members and partners are welcome.  

It will be good to see you there! 

NARPO Coat of Arms 

Recently I was asked about The NARPO Coat of Arms. I thought other might be interested. 

Our Armorial Bearings are described as "An Achievement of Arms", by the Royal College of Arms.
The Crest shows a Griffin, traditionally the guardian of treasure, holding a Gold Bezant which signifies the treasure. Its wings are chequered, to signify our connection with the Police Service and this is repeated around the Shield. It sits on a Wreath of blue and gold atop a Helm, which is common to almost all crests. This signifies the executive looking after the members' finances.
The Helm and Mantle of blue and gold are part of the Achievement and would be there whatever design we had chosen.
The Shield shows a "pelican in its piety". In mediaeval times the pelican was believed to peck its own breast until it bled so that its young might be nourished by the blood. This became a symbol for Christ's sacrifice and over the ages, has become generally accepted as a symbol of benevolence and service to others.
The Scroll shows the motto in Latin - "Eis Servire Qui Serviverunt" - which means "Of Service to those who Served."
The whole Achievement of Arms represents NARPO, the organisation and what it stands for.


Mrs and Mrs Clause

 (aka Mel Lester 



Dickinson )

joined the 

Branch Christmas Party on 

Saturday 9th December .

The assembled company were royally 

entertained by singer Sean Perkins.

A great evening was had by all!   

Thoughts of treasuer Ray 
Police Federation Travel insurance 

 'Members may remember an article I submitted to the website on travel insurance obtained through the Police 

Federation.    I pointed out that there was a need to inform MediQuote each April whether or not there had been 

any change in your health.  This contact was required even when there were no change in circumstances.   I did so 

last month and received a telephone call from Mediquote saying that their policy had changed.   There is now no 

need to write to them each year, their policy is now the same as that for NARPO travel insurance.   Therefore, if you 

are fit to fly, you're covered.   I hope this is of benefit to our members.   If you have any questions on this issue, 

Mediquote can be contacted on 0845 8800169 or by letter to: mediquote Ltd., Sussex House, Perrymount Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex. RH16 1DN.' 

Best regards, Ray Muspratt.

Lancashire Nite 2017

On Saturday 13th may 2017 the assembled throng were treated to a live music song fest by the ever popular

Young Once.  A great night was had by all. 

Don't miss their next visit!  

2018 five day break 

Margaret is currently researching a five day break to the Isle of Man in 2018. if you would be interested please contact Margaret. 

Branch AGM 2017

The Branch AGM was held at Bishop Road Police Club on Wednesday 1st March 

2017. NARPO CEO Steve Edwards was guest speaker. 

Two branch members were awarded life memberships, outgoing treasurer John

Hickey and  Bishop Road Club Secretary Ian Broughton.  

The appointment of new Branch President Gordon Roberts and Vice President Eric 

Henderson were approved by the meeting following the resignation of President 

Dennis Firth due to ill health.

John Hickey and his wife Carole  resigned their position on the branch committee after 

eleven years loyal service. John also handed the treasurer role over to Ray Muspratt, 

this was appointment was duly approved by the meeting.  

The meeting approved two new members to the committee, Ian Broughton and Geoff 

Alford. The meeting also approved the reappointment of the remaining committee 


A vote took place to appoint a new Vice Chair of the Branch, this resulted in the 

appointment of Brenda Neary to the post.

NARPO CEO Steve Edwards addressing the meeting 

Outgoing treasurer John Hickey presenting his final accounts report  

Branch Secretary John Russell in full flow presenting his annual report.  

Branch Chairman Fred Dickinson addressing the meeting. 

John Hickey and Ian Broughton, the two 

latest Life Members of the Branch. This is the 

first time in the many years I have known 

John that he was actually lost for words!  

Two well deserved awards. 

Retiring committee member Carole Hickey was 

presented with a bouquet of flowers as a token of 

appreciation of her work over a number of years. 

Enjoy your retirement Carole! 


Thoughts of treasurer Ray!

My disdain for insurance companies is well known, they will rip you off and refuse to 

pay a claim for the most trivial of reasons.   An article I read in the paper this week

made my blood boil and reinforces everything I knew about them.    A young lady of 

70 years was unfortunate enough to have her home burgled, duly informed the police 

and contacted her insurance company, in this case Saga, in order to make a claim for 

valuable jewellery.    Some of the items were heirlooms for which, understandably, she 

had no receipts.    Neither did she have any photographs of any of it, not even wearing 

it.  Her insurance company, Saga, have refused to pay out because she has no proof 

she owned them.    Saga represents older people over the age of 50 years and it may 

well be that some of our members insure their property with Saga, so beware.   I had 

issues with Saga over their handling of my claim against another driver who hit my car 

and would never give them any of my business.   The article I read reported 

statements from other insurance companies which varied on their advice but their 

trade body, the Association of British Insurers, advises all homeowners to take 

photographs of valuables in their property - or risk being rejected for a claim.   It 

seems that if you have a receipt or credit card statement proving the purchase, that 

will suffice.   If not, just be on the safe side, and get that camera/ipad or smartphone 


Regards, Ray Muspratt.

and theres more............

Is it me or am I just getting old?

A headline in the paper reads 'Police call in the menopause tsar'.

Police officers and firefighters are to undergo publicly funded 'menopause classes' to 

teach them how to help female colleagues going through the change.   Emergency 

services staff will receive special training where they will learn how to deal more 

sensitively with co-workers experiencing hot flushes and mood swings.   Taxpayer 

funded monthly classes will be run by G.P. Louise Newson, who dubs herself 'The 

Menopause Doctor' to try to halt a flood of older women leaving the services  and to 

'destigmatise' the issue.   Her rate is an eye watering £190 per hour but insists she will 

do it cheaper for the emergency services.    Nice little earner I say.  If I was a West 

Midlands taxpayer, I would be very upset.  When I read it, my immediate thought was 

what would Robin Spencer think about this?    His reply, I suspect, would be 


Regards, Ray Muspratt.

National NARPO news

Don't forget to check the NARPO national site regularly , you could be missing out! 

Lancashire Nite May 2016

Young Once performing  at our Lancashire Nite on Saturday 7th May. A fabulous evening enjoyed by a packed house at Bishop Road. 

The bar staff and some other 'characters' enjoying the evening! 

Committee members with Young Once! 

There are more photographs in the photo albums , just click the link below 

Local Historical photographs 

One of our members has supplied  a few old photographs of the town for you to view. 

They are to be found on the Album section of the website. This photograph of a trolley 

bus parked outside the Town Hall is one of many. Any information about the 

photographs will be very welcome! 

 Letter of gratitude

Following the recent death and funeral of our eldest member Edward (Ted ) Cross. His 

daughter Miki wrote to Branch Secretary John Russell 

Dear John

I would like to thank you, Ray Muspratt, John Rowley and Neil Middlehurst in particular 

for my Dad's (Ted Cross) funeral on 11th April.  You all made me feel so proud and you 

did indeed do him justice. With living so far away, I would never have been able to get 

through everything without your advice, guidance and assistance.

I wish that I had been able to speak to everybody that attended the funeral and thank 

them for taking the time to attend especially if they couldn't make it to the Club 

afterwards. If you were at the Club and I didn't speak to you I apologise.

Once again thank you and I hope the St Helens branch of NARPO carries on and on.

With fond memories

Miki Foster

Injury on Duty Pensions - IODPA

 This is community of former police officers all medically retired with an injury on duty 

award (IOD).  This site provides the reader with a wealth of experience, knowledge 

and information collated by those living with an injury pension.  Those involved in 

IODPA cover the breadth of the UK with links to every region.

This group hopes to share the wisdom of those who have have dealt with problems 

caused by police pension authorities in order that no-one has to live alone in the dark 

any more.

For more information click the link below.

St Helens Branch of NARPO Facebook Page

The Branch Facebook page is up and running. It will only work if those members who 

have Facebook accounts join in. At the moment it is a closed group. Nothing can be 

posted  by non members.

I have included branch members who I have been able to find on FB. 

Search for the group St Helens & District Branch of NARPO and request to join. 

Current members please invite anyone you know to be a branch member 

to join the group.

Eastbourne Trip 2016

Following the recent Branch Eastbourne Trip organised by Committee Member 

Margaret Dickenson, we have received the following comments from the group who 

joined the break.

I am assured there are photographs to follow! 

Hi Margaret,


Just to say a big thank you for arranging the trip to Eastbourne. 

We enjoyed it very much. 

Let us know the dates for Paignton next year so that we can put it in our diary.


Best wishes 

Tony & Hazel xxx


Ps. Only one complaint I put weight on. AAA

Hi Margaret (& Fred),

Just a quickie to thank you for all your work regarding the trip to Eastbourne. It was a 

really enjoyable mid-week break but have to admit it is lovely to be home again.
See you on Wednesday and thanks once again.

Fred (Browning) 

On Facebook member Thelma Wignall commented 

Many thanks to St Helens branch of NARPO we had a wonderful break in Eastbourne 

great hotel, 2 full coaches well done committee and Margaret and Fred Dickinson for 

your hard work. Look forward to next year.

Email from Roy Savage 

Just a few lines to express my thanks to Margaret Dickinson for her efforts on the 

Eastbourne Trip. Both Viv and I enjoyed the stay at Haddon Hall Hotel.

Our room was somewhat small and prompted me to make a spoof video on Facebook 

as the Jimmy Clithero Suite.

Our eldest member - Ted Cross 
celebrates his birthday


On Sunday, 31st January, 2016, one of our members, Ted Cross, was 94 years old.

Ted is our oldest member and will be known to most of our members who served with 

the Lancashire Constabulary and latterly Merseyside Police in St Helens.   As an 

Inspector in the Prosecutions Department, many of us will have met with him during 

pre-trial conversations and whilst giving evidence.   Ted lives alone, having been 

widowed some time ago, in a retirement bungalow in Crank.   He is well but mobility is 

restricted having broken his hip in a fall at home some 4 years ago.   He has a cleaner 

and friends and family who visit but cooks, washes and irons for himself.   He tells me 

that his service in the Royal Navy stood him in good stead to look after himself.    The 

photograph shows Ted and me at his home on his birthday.    

Ray Muspratt (Vice chairman).

Sadly Ted died in March 2016.

Christmas Party Time! 

A great night was had by all at our early Christmas Party on November 20th. Some of pictures have been published on our photo albums section. 

Santa and his little helpers 

Police Widows pensions for life campaign

There has been some progress in achieving Pensions life for some Police Widows. Click the link below for the latest news. 

Kate Hall with Rt Hon Mike Penning Minister of State at the Home Office with responsibly for Policing following a debate on the Police Widows Pension in February 2015. Two of our branch committee attended along with other police survivors from all over the UK.

National NARPO news and deals! 

Just a reminder to regularly visit at the National NARPO website. It is packed full of up to

 date news and advice. You might even save some money on negotiated deals! 

Click the links below for the latest travel newsletter and Hotpoint deals

Ride of the Roses 2015

Branch member Tony Walker and his wife Nick recently took part in the 

Ride of the Roses cycle ride.

Tony writes 

My wife and I are entered into the Ride of The Roses 2015 - 50 mile bike ride around Lancashire. There were two other distances of 75 and 100 miles. No, I am not capable of that, or mad enough. So with knee strapped up, ankle support on and a handful of paracetamol beforehand, 50miles will do for me. This is to raise funds for Clatterbridge Cancer Centre. 

In 2009 my wife [Nichola (Nick) Walker ex w/con 7532 T ] was diagnosed with breast cancer and after a lumpectomy, mastectomy and lymph node removal, she then underwent chemotherapy, radiotherapy and then daily drugs for seven years [one year left to go] . During her treatment we realised how much money, time and effort goes into the research and treatment into all cancers. 

I am sure everyone knows someone affected by this disease and I am also aware that people get “sponsor me” bored. Therefore, I am not going to bang on about it, but request that if possible, members could have a quick e-mail to try and whip up a bit of support for the odd few quid, because as the saying goes “ ….  every little helps…” 

The old trout is not even dedicating this ride to herself but for her school friend whom died two years ago from a sarcoma. 

If any members are kind enough to support us two simple and quick ways are;

1. . The top entry is Nick and Tony’s page Ride of The Roses 2015. Don’t forget to tick the gift aid box.

2. By text      ‘NWTW51'  then the amount [from £1 to £10]  to  ‘ 70070 '

Both of us served in Merseyside police; me Liverpool A Div, St Helens as E and D Div and Lea Green Probationer Training. My wife also served in Liverpool A Div and Group 1 T Div before resigning to look after our children [now grown up !]. 

I was hoping that details could be forwarded to members of both St Helens and Merseyside Branches for them to consider sponsoring us. 

Many thanks in anticipation,

Tony Walker  ex con 8148

Nick and Tony, post ride! 

Nick amongst the 'serious bikes'

The medals! 

Well done guys! If you can, please support Nick and Tony.


St.Helens NARPO Branch Members Pins 

We have taken delivery of some rather smart Branch Membership pins. They are free to all members who pay a subscription. If you mislay your pin it will cost £1 to replace it. 

Brenda Neary will be cordinating the distribution of the pins.

Some of you already have yours. The pins are expensive to mail out as the envelope would be too thick to send as ordinary mail.

Brenda will endeavour  to carry some with her at all times so if you see her ask for yours.



Contact with our older members 

All our members are important to the branch. As police forces no longer maintain active welfare for retired officers the branch committee has decided to establish a contact system to ensure that our older members don't get forgotten. 

Members who are over 80 years old will be contacted by a committee member who will give them contact  details should they require our assistance in any way.  Unfortunately, over the years the details of some of our longer standing members have been lost, in particular those who retired or where widowed prior to 2004. If you are 80 or over and have not been contacted please inform our secretary John Russell or the we administrator . If you know of any of our members who are over 80 and have not received a contact call please inform John Russell.


John Russell contact details    07774618654 or by email 

web administrator 


items required for website

We are constantly in need of items for the website. News, old photographs , lamp swinging stories, advice, 

recommendations, in fact anything that may interest our members . 

Please contact the web administrator via the link below. 

Lancashire Nite

On Saturday 25th April we went around Lancashire in Song. It was a fabulous evening. The entertainment  was supplied by Once Young and they did a 'rite gradly job'.

There are more photographs on the album page of the website!  

A big thank you to the Police Club for once again allowing us to use the premises! 

Bishop Road Police Club

We have a valuable asset in Bishop Road Police Club. We need to use it more. Please check the Club page of our  website regularly for events.

Scotland Trip

Members of the St Helens Branch enjoying their recent trip to Scotland. There are more photograph in  the album section of the website.

Many thanks to JR for sharing his photographs. If you went have you got any photos to share? 


Branch AGM 2015

The Branch AGM was held on Wednesday 4th March 2015 at Bishop Road Club. As  always it was well attended by our members. It is good to see so many members together to continue the work of the branch and to enjoy the hotpot supper afterwards.
The officials and committee  of the branch were reelected unopposed.
Steve Edwards, the NARPO Deputy CEO attended and gave an update on the work of NARPO and in particular advice on the changing State Pension System and the current situation with the Widows & Widowers pension for Life Campaign.

Long time member and tireless supporter of the branch, Gordon Roberts, was awarded a Life Time Membership of NARPO by the Branch Committee, which was presented to him by Steve. 

Important information required 

It has come to light that branch records are incomplete for some of our members. A request will be sent out to those members who have details missing in the branch christmas cards which will be posted out shortly. Please contact Branch secretary John Russell with the details you are asked to provide.

email John by clicking this link or telephone him on the number supplied on the form.