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Our Branch President 

The St Helens and district branch of NARPO was 

formed immediately after the second world war 

to welcome back and re-establish serving 

officers of the St Helens Borough Force who 

served in the armed forces. 

Despite amalgamations in 1969 and 1974 the Branch has managed to retain 

its identify as the 'St Helens Branch of NARPO'.

The Branch now boasts a membership of more than five hundred, and are 

willing to welcome any new members wheresoever they served.

We are steered by a dedicated committee who arrange functions such as 

the Annual Genral Meeting , Lancashire Nite, Christmas Socials, Coach 

outings  and more. These functions are well attended and give the 

members the opportunity to make contact with former colleagues. The 

committee would gladly welcome, from any member, suggestions for 

outings, functions, etc.  

The Branch website is regularly updated by 'webmaster' Brenda 

Neary. Please use it to keep up to date. Brenda welcomes stories, 

anecdotes and old photographs relating to members experiences which 

can be published and amuse us! . 

The Committee and myself look forward to seeing as many members at our 

future functions.

Gordon Roberts

St Helens and District Branch President