In Memoriam

Fondly remembered here are some erstwhile members of St.Helens Branch, Serving or Ex-St. Helens and Merseyside Officers, some wives and widows, together with one or two characters who touched our lives while we served and after we retired. 

Anderson, Joe     
Archer, Graham Austin
Armstrong, Alan
Baker, Tony
Beesley, Jed
Biggs, Tony
Birchall, Terry
Bishop, Edie     
Blagbrough, Barbara     
Bridges, Ivor     
Broughton, Ken
Broughton, Margery     
Byrne, Thomas
Calow, Bob
Cameron, Colin   
Carroll, Jackie     
Cartwright, Joe
Cartwright, Jim     
Case, Jim
Clark, Jack
Cobbold, Sidney (Sid)      
Conroy, Kevin     
Cork, Reg     
Corless, Pauline     
Corrigan, Nev   
Craig, Fred     
Crickmore, Eric
Crickmore, Pat     
Cropper, Arthur
Cross, Edward (Ted) 
Davies, Alan     
Davies, Bert S     
Davies, Eric W     
Davies, Lynton Dearden     
Davies, Trevor
Deeley, Joshua Eric     
Dixon, Cath    
Dixon, Eva
Dixon, Ken
Dixon, Ron 
Eden, James Joseph (Jim) 
Edwards, Lisa Marie
Fergie, Mary Sheila     
Ferguson, Carol     
Flanagan, Joan Elizabeth     
Foster, Rita     
Foster, Tom     
Frodsham, Derek
Frodsham, Jack     
Frodsham, Peter
Garvey, Roy
Gavin, Wendy     
Gee, Vera     
Griffiths, Albert
Grounds, Gill
Guest, Eric
Hackett, Ken     
Hale, Ted     
Hayes, Dolly     
Harrison, Christine     
Harrison, Geoff     
Henderson, John 'Jock'  
Herrmann, George     
Hesketh, Peter     
Higham, Len   
Holcroft, Derek   
Holland, Andy 
Holtby, Paul
Hough, Marion
Houghton, Steve   
Hoult, Pat (nee Wills)   
Hynes, Tony

Johnstone, David (Davey)
Johnstone, Elizabeth (Betty)     
Jones, Barbara
Jones, Merion (Taff) 
Jones, Tom

Kerfoot, Doreen
Kerfoot, Norman 
Kilshaw, Gina 
Kilshaw, Mike (Killer) 
Lawrenson, Bill  
Leatherbarrow, Robert (Bob)    
Leigh, Hubert (Hughie)     
Leith, Angus Mackie (Jock) 
Leyland, James Frederick (Fred)     
Leyland, Susan (nee Broughton) 
Lester, Kath     
Liptrot, Margaret (Peggy)     
Liptrot, Ray
Livesey, William (Bill) 
Lodge, Derrick
Lord, Bill
Mackus, Alvin (Al) 
Mackus, Rosemarie (Roz)
Marsh, Tony
Mather, Harry
Maher, Sam
Mather, Tom  
Martindale, Horace     
Martindale, Marjorie     
Mee, Denis
Millington, Larry     
Mills, Jeff     
Millward, Stan 
Moore, Bert    
Moss, Eric
Moss, Harold     
Mousedale, Ian
Murray,   Bill
McCann, Roy  
Mc Cormack, John   
McDonald, Danny
Mc Kain, Bill  
Navin, Paul     
Nairn, Dorothy    
Nairn, Neil (Jock)     
Neary, Frank 
Nutt, Dave
Orrell, Jack
Parr, Harry   
Pickavance, Ken  
Pinder, Bill
Pinder, Harriett     
Pinder, Jim     
Potter, Tony 
Potts, Emma
Potts, Harry
Rimmer, Chris     
Robinson, Ernie
Robinson, Roberta Margaret (Bobbi)     
Rose, Dennis     
Ross, Barbara
Ross, John
Rothwell, John 
Scott, Peter Munro
Shaw, Ian George     
Shepherd, Joan
Shepherd, Tom    
Spencer, Robin Clive     
Stokes, Andrew James
Tanner, Dave 
Taylor, Dickson 
Taylor, Fred     
Twist, Kevin
Warbrick, Barry
Ward, Frank    
Watson, Eileen    
Watson, Jack 
Watson, Tony
Welsby, Jim   
Wignall, Alan 
Wilson, Ian 

We also commemorate

Guardsman Christopher DAVIES

We Shall Always Remember Him
Lest we forget
Son of Branch member Gary Davies

'Friends of Bishop Road'

Mary Aldred

Miss me, but let me go


When I come to the end of the Road

And the sun has set for me,

I want no rites in a gloom-filled room.

Why cry for a soul set free ?

Miss me a little – but not for long

And not with your head bowed low,

Remember the love that we once shared;

Miss me – but let me go.

For this is a journey we all must take

And each must go alone,

It’s all part of the Masters’ plan,

I’m set on the road to home.

When you’re lonely and sick at heart,

Go to the friends we know,

And bury your sorrows in doing good deeds;

Miss me – but let me go.

Robyn Rancman



Our thoughts are with all their Families and Friends

This Memorial Roll was created when the branch moved into the digital age with our first website. It is not possible to include all members who died prior to that time as our records do not contain sufficient  information.

It goes without saying that branch members, serving officers and those known to us who passed on prior to that time, although not named, are still in our thoughts.

If anyone has been inadvertently omitted from the above list which spans recent years please email by contacting the site administrator