A very warm welcome to all the latest arrivals to our branch membership 

Elaine O'Brien, lives in Rainhill with husband Kevin 

Philip Brown who lives in St Helens 

Bob CLEWS and his wife Angelina who live in Haydock 

Les RIMMER and wife Barbara have transferred from a nearby branch.

Dave NOLAN and his wife  Sandra who live in Wigan
Paul FAIRCLOUGH a transferee from a nearby branch 

Michael FITZGERALD, lives in St Helens with partner Lesley

Karen CUMMINGS who lives in St Helens.

Mark DAVIES and his wife Amanda who live in Ashton 

Andrea RICHARDS, recently retired lives in Ashton with husband Ian.

George POWELL has been accepted as an additional member

Ian CRITCHLEY and his wife Pauline who reside in Haydock 

Catherine HOLT, who along with partner Martin live in Lowton

Christine FARRELL, who lives in Sankey

Tony REEVES, has been accepted as an additional member, he lives in St Helens.  

Gary BRYSON has just retied from GMP live with his wife Anne-Marie in Newton Le Willows

Davies BOWES who live in St Helens with his wife Julia

Keith CURRAN along with his wife Mayreece who live in West Yorkshire 

Anthony PIERCE from Newton Le willows

Mike JACKSON and partner Samantha who live in Rainford

Neil HENRY who lives in St Helens, has transfered from another branch

Colin TINSLEY and his wife Carol who live in Liverpool 

Eion TURNER and his partner Lynn who live in Rainhill 

Marke WILDE and his wife Jodie who reside in Billinge

Andrew JOHNSTON and partner Karen who live in St Helens 

Pauline THOMAS and husband Mark who reside in St Helens.

Maureen HAMER who's lives in Haydock with husband Stuart. 

Mark GUINNESS and his wife jackie who live in St Helens.

Paul SMITH who with his wife Leanne lives in St Helens. 

Shaun MARTIN who live in Wigan within his wife Helenita.

John Kevin WELLENS and his wife Larraine who live in St Helens.

Paul BENNETT who lives in Wigan with partner Lisa

Paul DERHAM has transfered from another branch.

Michael BOWES and his wife Amanda, who live in St Helens 

Steven McNAMARA, who lives in Maghull

Steve LOWE, lives in Lowton with his wife Christine

Betty GUEST, now a member in her own right

Carlo Charles ALBANESE who lives in St Helens with wife Gayle.

Susan LEATHERBARROW who lives in Eccleston.

Colin CHARTERS who with wife Beverley, lives in St Helens.

Barbara McLOUGHLIN, lives with husband Peter in Formby.

Michael LEYLAND, lives in Eccleston with wife Shirley

Stuart William ROUTLEDGE who with wife Debi lives in Whiston

John ERSKINE who with his wife lives in Lowton.

John David ELLIS and his wife Jeanette, who live in St Helens , have transferred from a nearby branch.  

Michael John GOVIN,lives in Leigh with his wife Beverley 

Bernie BURILIN and his wife Marilyn have transferred from another branch.

David ATKINSON, who lives in St. Helens with his wife Patricia , has transferred from another branch.

Julian ADAMS, lives in Orrell with his partner Sheila Gilbert

Paul GIBSON who lives in St Helens with his wife Lauren 

Paul ECCLES and his wife Julie who live in St Helens 

John McKeon and his wife Andrea who live in St Helens

George James JONES lives at Windle with wife Kathleen

William Dugdale who live in Newton Le Willows

David VARLEY and  his wife Vivenne, live in Eccleston and has transferred from another branch.

Robert TURNER and wife Elsie who live in Northern Ireland.

Robert James CARTWRIGHT who lives in Prescot with wife Gillian

Ann BOOTH lives in Billinge and has transferred  from another branch.

Thomas Mullarkey, who lives in Preston. 

Brian BOYLAN joins us on his retirement from 13th April 2016

Gary BURTON who retired on 5th January 2016.

Peter McBRIDE has joined us from another branch. 

Stephen GORMAN has recently retired, he lives in Warrington

Geoffrey ALFORD lives in Prescot and has transferred from another branch

Keith ROBERTS, lives in St Helens with wife Nicola and is a transfer from another branch. 

Ian KING is a transfer from another branch. He lives with Audrey in Eccleston

Mal DERBYSHIRE lives with wife Pamela in Upholland and is a transfer from another branch.

Chris RODERICK is a transfer from another branch, he lives with wife Rosemary  in Cronton.

Rose Marie (Roz) MACKUS is now a member in her own right and lives in St Helens 

Michelle MOSS, who lives in Aston in Makerfield, retired in June 2015

Thomas JONES, who lives in County Donegal, Ireland. Served in Merseyside Police before transferring to Lothian and Boarders. 

Stephen ROACHE, who lives in St Helens retired in December

John KELLY who lives in Huyton 

Geoffrey BRIDGE who lives in Ormskirk with wife Joan 

Christopher FOY resides in Bold with Beverly, retired September 2015

Helen Rebecca Lee has recently retired from Cheshire Police and lives in New Bold with her partner Dawn 

Diane TANNER, who is a now a member in her own right. Diane lives in Penketh.

Chris DOVE, who lives in Newton le Willows, retired in August 2015.

Jeremy (Jez) ATHERTON, lives in  Warrington with wife Lorraine, he has recently retired and transferred from a nearby branch. .  

Heather NICOL has just retired from Lancs County who lives in Great Harwood with husband Allan.

Ian MacDonald BLACKBURN lives in Haydock with wife Janet. Ian has just retired from Lancashire County.

Michael BURTON who retired in October 2014 and lives with his wife Catherine in Eccleston 

Peter CARR who lives in Fife has transfered from another branch.  

Catherine (Kate) BOOTH, retired in April 2015 and lives in Warrington. 

Gina KILSHAW, who lives in Rainford is now a member in her own right. 

Rev.Dr. Bob CARROLL who lives in Ashton in Makerfield with his wife Maureen, have transferred from a nearby branch.

Thelma WIGNALL, lives in Rainford and has transferred  from a nearby branch. 

Bev PRICE, who has recently retired and lives in Great Sankey, Warrington with her husband Nicholas.

Ian M FAIRWEATHER lives with his wife Jane in Eccleston. he retired February 2015. 

David J Brown, retired on 30th January 2015. He lives in Windle with his  partner Lesley.

Margaret MATHER, who lives in Newton Le Willows is now a member in her own right. 

Paul LOMAX retired on 5th December. Paul lives in St Helens with his wife Louise. 

Stephen JORDON lives in Billinge with his partner Barbara join us on December 1st 

Christopher BRAZIER retires on 22nd December 2014 and joined the Branch with his wife Carol. They live in Ormskirk.

David Roy Taylor who lives in St Helens with his wife Elizabeth. They join us from December 1st.

Margaret Elaine (Liz) WELSBY, is now a member in her own right and lives in Newton Le Willows.

Anita ASHCROFT, QPM.,   has transfered from a nearby branch   lives in St Helens with partner Elizabeth. 

Barry PHILLIPS and his wife Karen who live in St Helens. Barry retired on 2nd November  2014.

Ian HUDSON and his wife Wilma who live in St Helens.

Gill KANE, lives in Warrington with partner Steve, Gill retired in August 2014

Sean D YEATES, reside with wife Stephanie in Eccleston 

Ethel GARVEY, who has joined in her own right and lives in St Helens

Paul C DERHAM, who lives in Morcombe has joined us as an additional member

Don BLACKBURN who with Laura lives in St Helens and has just retired.

Stuart DAVIES who lives in Gt Sankey and retired in June 2014.

Marie CARTWRIGHT, who lives in Haydock, who has joined us in her own right.

John WALDRON , who lives in Garswood and has just retired

Muriel HACKETT, who has joined us in her own right and lives in Billinge.

Sheila SHAW. who also joins in her own right and I am more than pleased to say will remain on our committee.

Ian David HAWLEY and wife Marion who live in Huyton and have transferred to us from a nearby branch.

David GOODLAD another transfer, who with Susan lives in Rainford.

Mary SPENCER who has joined us in her own right and resides in Newton le Willows.

Stuart Thomas HAMER who with wife Maureen has also transferred from a nearby branch.

James Francis ARANDS who with wife Valerie live in Upholland and have again transferred.

Shelagh Mary Mallett another transfer who with Michael lives in Appley Bridge.

I trust that we will have the pleasure of your company at one of our functions in the future and I wish you a long, healthy and happy association with us.

Recent Members

Jennifer Harrison

Gary Wilde
Mark William Richardson
Alan Yates
Elizabeth Bernadette McDonald
Deborah Mary Hirons
Dave Anthony Gleave
Joyce Christine Bluck
Keran Keane
Colin Vernon
Joyce M Leyland
Kevin Joseph Graham
Nigel Heslop
Ann Marsh
Anthony James Walker
Peter Roberts
Elizabeth (Betty) Johnstone
Stephen Alexander Bligh
Malcolm Webster
William Robinson
Christopher Scarisbrick
George Harper
Robert Clarke
Malcolm George Hughes
Stephen Sutch
Jonh Bayliff
Kim Stuart Craig
Peter McGlone
Ian Valentine
Dave Bryant
Helen Suzanne Quarri --- husband Steven Kavanagh
Pamela Jayne Tarbuck --- husband Michael
Ainsley Ruth Jamieson
Mike Curtin
Ian Keith Whitfield

Stephen Foster

Stuart Beech, 
John Andrew Murray
Liz Ord, 
Colin Rigby, 
Stephen Hurst, 

Mel Brunskill, 
Keith White, 
Eileen Cummins, 
Dave Devonport
Mike Atherton, 
Peter Croft, 
J V A Kearns (Vinnie), 
John Hough, 
Phil Parsley
John Vaudrey, 
Fred Browning, 
Reg Haslam, 
Mike Baines, 
Jeanette Wrigley, 
Paul Addy, 
Malcolm Woods. 
Gerry Brady, 
Ian Blackmore, 
Pat Foster, 
Ann Herrman, 
Larry Ledwith, 
Andrew Flagg, 
Dave Money, 
Thomas Anthony Baker, 
Trevor Howard, 
Marjorie Davies,

Associate/additional members ::: ---
Roger Little, 
Eddie Downes, 
Paul Briscoe
John Turton