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Injury on duty pensions 

This is community of former police officers all medically retired with an injury on duty 

award (IOD).  This site provides the reader with a wealth of experience, knowledge 

and information collated by those living with an injury pension.  Those involved in 

IODPA cover the breadth of the UK with links to every region.

This group hopes to share the wisdom of those who have have dealt with problems 

caused by police pension authorities in order that no-one has to live alone in the dark 

any more.

For more information click the link below.

Advice re wills from a member

I was wondering if there is a 'legal eagle' within the local NARPO Branch who may be able to 'check up' and give advise/information if they feel it warrants it to members who have made wills, or are about to do so, or about to update their

current will for whatever reason, e.g. perhaps a Trustee or Executor of your will has 'passed away' and you need to replace them. 

A recent case brought to Court appears to have taken solicitors by surprise. When you make a will the words you use and details of the will are what you want to happen to your worldly-goods when you die, otherwise, why make one.

And as stated recently in the NARPO Magazine, we should all review our wills periodically should there be any necessary changes to make. In the case of AL and I we had what is termed as 'mirror wills', and these have been updated twice in 1995 and 2010 due to Trustees / Executors departing before us. The content of the wills has been consistent since 1991.

Another good reason for 'touching base' with your solicitor every five years or so is a) updates  re wills and precedents set in courts, b) to simply ensure your solicitor is 'still around'. In the case of AL and I, I found our solicitor 'is no longer around'. Not deceased I'm pleased to say, but simply sold-up, packed-up, and moved to the other side of the world (Australia), having sold the business to a Company that does not 'handle wills', but whom were still storing ours.

Fortunately, the Company the 'storers' recommended appears to be 'on the ball' re various matters to do with wills, particularly to do with this 'latest president set in Court'. And are recommending all, who make wills should have attached to their wills a 'letter of wishes'. "Isn't our wills clear enough?" I asked. "Yes, they are clear, yes they are 'mirror wills', and yes you had reasons why you worded them in this manner. The question a Court would ask if the will is 'challenged' is, 'What are/were the reasons?" 

Wow! who'd have thought even at this stage, that AL's Police Training would be valued. AL's attitude towards documentation and particularly personal papers even when void was, "keep it! its evidence of continuity".

So the moral of this story is; I could have done without this hassle, at this time however, our original solicitor's disappearance has served us well. As has my husband's Police Training and practices.

Roz, and on behalf of 3362 

Police Widows & Widowers Pensions Campaign update. 

The Widows and Widowers Pension campaign is moving on a pace. An Early Day Motion has been started.  full details are on the green link below to the petition. 

On the 25th February 2015, Maureen Hamer and Brenda Neary travelled down to Westminster to attend a debate on Police Widow/Widowers pensions. The debate was also attended by the Police Federation of England and Wales  General Secretary Andy Fittes and Clint Elliott ,NARPO CEO. 

Prior to the debate the group met up with Richard Graham, MP for Gloucester, who had secured the debate.

Here is a full transcript of the debate

As a direct result of the debate Home Secretary, Teresa May has agreed to review the matter. onwards and upwards ! 

Please sign the petition if you are able to support this cause. 

Certain Police Widows lose their police pension should they remarry or cohabit depending up on the pension 

regulation covering their pension award.

 Please click the link below for full information and sign if you feel you can 

support the petition.It could affect you or people you know. 

100,000 signatures are required to put the petition before the Home Secretary.

NARPO and The Police Federation of England and Wales are also supporting this petition via their national websites.


Police Injury Pensions Update 

This letter has been received from Steve Edwards, Deputy Chief Executive,  NARPO HQ,  Wakefield, it is self explanatory.

To: sthelensnarpo@gmail.com


Hi All,


You may well be aware, but if not here goes!


It would appear that Merseyside Police are commencing Injury Award Reviews and are sending out letters to members informing them of this. What they haven’t done is look at individuals prior to sending out these letters, so it seems that everyone on an injury award will receive the letter.

I have taken phone calls from about 5 members ranging from those on Band 1 to one aged 73 years who was last reviewed 20 years ago!

I have attached a copy of the letter being sent out.

You will note that there is a 12 month timescale and dependent upon the members response to the letter they may not have to undertake a full review if they show that there has been no substantial change since their last review.

People are being advised to contact NARPO so you may well get some calls! Or point them in our direction.

I have not seen the Questionnaire but members should respond accordingly with relevant information requested as not to respond will surely result in them being called for a full medical assessment and SMP review, whereas they could prevent that if providing relevant suitable medical evidence or otherwise.


Hope this helps.


Deputy Chief Executive

01924 331 251



further to previous letter, 

 I have now had chance to have a quick look at the accompanying Questionnaires and would only make a couple of comments:


Question 11 appears a bit too intrusive asking to detail what make model etc. of car one can drive, I do not see the real relevance of that other than asking members to indicate whether they have an adapted vehicle or drive an automatic for reason of their qualifying injury.

Question 21 – whilst it may be helpful if on a low wage – members need to remember it is not a test of what they do earn BUT a test of what they can earn as a result of the qualifying injury. For example someone may be in a full time job on a low wage earning £15,000 p.a. when actually the work capability assessment may well indicate they could earn substantially more. As below the test is what someone can earn NOW not at a past or future point in time.

Question 24 – is a bit of a ‘fishing expedition’ to see what type of work people have applied for in the past, in an attempt I would presume to try to assess what they are capable of doing – BUT again please remember the test is what someone can earn in the ‘here and now’ not at some point in the past. Just because someone applied for a particular job 4 years ago doesn’t mean they are capable of doing that job now!


All in all it appears ok and members should be encouraged to provide evidence that their qualifying injury and work capability have not ‘substantially changed’ since the last review OR indeed that they have deteriorated.


Obviously it looks like this will now run on and many more enquiries will come in as a result.




Deputy Chief Executive

01924 331 251




State Pensions update 

Please find below the link to the new toolkit for the New State Pension which comes in to 

effect from 6th April 2016. It contains a series of fact sheets and videos etc. to help you 

with any questions you amy have about the new state retirement pension. 



Also the Carers Allowance Office has now re-introduced an e-mail address which can be 

used  to make enquiries about Carers Allowance. 



It is now possible to get State Pension Statements if you reach pension age on or after 

 April 6th 2016. 

The amount of state pension shown in your statement will not be based on the new 

rules. It will be based on the current law if you were to reach pension age today. This 

information is important because in the vast majority of cases the current pension amount 

will be the minimum amount a person receives when they reach pension age.

The statement will also include an estimate of how much your State Pension may be under 

the new rules. 

If you fall into this category please read the New Pension Toolkit by clicking the link above 

and apply for your pension statement.

It is in your interest to check your current State Pension position. 




North West Police Benevolent Fund 

The North West Police Benevolent Fund was set up to assist officers both serving and retired. For further information please click the below link to the website 

                                                                                                                                                 Progress House ● Broadstone Hall Road South

  Stockport SK5 7DE

Tel: 0161 355 4420 Fax: 0161 355 4410

E-Mail: jsmithies@gmpf.polfed.org

Web: www.nwpbf.org


9th December 2014

A letter from a retired Merseyside officer in the last edition of the NARPO news with regard to the Police Treatment Centre at Harrogate prompted me to write this letter. It occurred to me that perhaps some retired officers from the North West Region may be unaware of the North West Police Benevolent Fund and what it does for our retired officers. For £4 per month, retired officers from the North West Region can access the following facilities.

The Fund owns a number of convalescence lodges at White Cross Bay and at South Lakeland Leisure Village all of which have their own hot tub on the decking and are appointed to a very high standard. Both sites have wonderful facilities. Some of the lodges at each site are equipped for disabled/wheelchair use and are awarded to officers and retired offices for recuperative purposes and are provided free of charge providing there is a genuine medical need and a medical form has to be completed by a medical practitioner. Application for the use of a recuperative lodge is made via the Secretary, Mrs Jackie Smithies at jsmithies@gmpf.polfed.org Weekend, mid-week and week breaks are also available, on a rental basis through the Secretary details of which can be found on the web site www.nwpbf.org

Additionally the Fund provides local in house Physiotherapy Services in four of the five North West Forces and Cumbria will be on-line shortly making five. Physiotherapy services are conducted at St. Michaels Lodge in Langho, near Clitheroe which is our own treatment centre and hotel. Other treatments are also offered such as aromatherapy and massage, or just relax in the hot tub. There are nine ensuite bedrooms, two of which are for disabled use and the facility is adult only. This facility is also available for convalescence breaks and also on very reasonable rates for B&B.

Finally the funds Trustees at each month Management Meeting award loans and grants (means tested) for those serving and retired officers who have fallen on hard times or ill health. The Fund provides wheelchairs on loan for short periods for officers who have had surgery or suffering an injury and just need a wheelchair temporarily. Application for financial assistance can be made via David Anderton (NARPO Representative for Merseyside) - secretary@narpo-merseyside.org.uk or the Secretary.

Bob Taylor

Retired Merseyside


Merseyside Police Funeral Society.

The Merseyside Police Funeral Society,( MPFS for short) was originally set up in 

1855 by the then Chief Constable, who didn't want his Policemen, upon their deaths, 

to have "pauper's graves".  So for a very modest subscription, the society was form.  

Today, the society still has the same basic principle - to provide a benefit, payable 

upon the death of a subscribing member. From the 1st of January 2015, the 

subscription is being increased to £2 per calendar month. The current benefit is 

£1800-00p towards the cost of a funeral.  A Police officer can only join the society, 

within the first 12 moths of joining or transferring to, the Merseyside Police and upon 

retirement on pension, continues as a subscribing member.  In other words, if you 

were not a subscribing member when you were serving, you cannot be one when you 


I would strongly advise subscribing members, that if they haven't updated their 

nomination in the last two years, to do so as soon as possible. You can do this by 

email me at :- johnhall395@btinternet.com

John R. Hall



   Merseyside Police Funeral Society update.

"Following a special general meeting of the Merseyside Police Funeral Society on Wednesday 10/12/2014

It was unanimously agreed to raise the society subscriptions to £2 per calendar month, as and from

1st January 2015.

The purpose of this raise is to bring the society into line with recommendations from the funds actuary, and address a possible future shortfall in funds.

M Helme Secretary

Police Widows Pension Petition

Certain Police Widows lose their police pension should they remarry or cohabit depending up on the pension 

regulation covering their pension award.

 Please click the link below for full information and sign if you feel you can 

support the petition.It could affect you or people you know. 

100,000 signatures are required to put the petition before the Home Secretary.

NARPO and The Police Federation are also supporting this petition via their national websites.

Police Pension Rise 2015 

Information from NARPO HQ


The CPI has just been released for September as 1.2% Police Pensions will rise for

 those eligible in April 2015 by said amount.


See NARPO website for more information at: 




Dear all,   It has been brought to my attention by a member and I have since had it confirmed that as from
1st JANUARY 2014
persons attending the convalescent homes in England and Scotland who wish to take with them a carer will have to pay £150 for that carer.
This has sadly been brought about by persons, who may, in the past, have been misusing  this facility as a `jolly`.
John Russell   Branch Secretary.
Forwarded by the Federation, Green Lane